Help Us Record a Legacy for Rotary & Ukraine

For as little as $2.50 you can experience stories, poems, music and videos from Ukrainians. Help award prizes and choose what stories go into the Rotary Legacy Archive.

When you subscribe you are getting more that just stories.

You are getting an experience. An opportunity to support families and to share their dreams, their hopes and appreciation for your help. To build a relationship.

Experience the sounds, the music, the emotions, the heart.

Not everyone can jump on a plane and fly into a war zone, but we want to help. And we like to know who we are helping. To know them by name. To hear their voice. To experience their emotions. You will hear stories, music and videos by the people who are living the experience.

We are also training ten displaced Ukrainians to collect stories.

These are narrative stories. A narrative is like a NPR program or a radio show. It uses sounds, voices and music to capture the emotion.To help you “see”, feel and experience as if you were there.

As you join the upper tiers you are creating a pool of money to support the teams.

Your subscription supports the Rotary Legacy Project, the storytellers and the stories that are broadcast worldwide. The out takes, bonus videos, exclusive content, and extended interviews are all created by the Field Podcaster just for you. It is a way for them to generate additional income and for you to be a part of what goes on behind the scenes.

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Team Member

$ 2
  • You have a private screening
  • Tell us your story ideas
  • Vote for stories, poems, music and videos for awards and to be included in the archive


$ 10
  • Everything in Team Member
  • Weekly behind the scenes video
  • Access to exclusive content and extended interviews
  • Support translations, awards and families


$ 20
  • Everything in Team and Champion
  • Ask questions
  • Your questions become part of the final production.
  • Exclusive lessons from the AcademusX Field Podcaster training.
  • Added bonus content

Advisory Board

$ 50
  • Everything in ALL Tiers
  • Officially become part of our crew and help us produce the episodes you want.
  • Quarterly editorial meetings
  • Help us find other countries and areas to open up and train podcasters
  • Ask the team questions and have them personally respond to you.

Support these families and get great stories