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We spent weeks traveling Ukraine and visiting many projects. Projects created and managed by Rotary and their partners.  Our goal is not to support the Ukrainian government. Not to support the Ukrainian country. But to support the Ukrainian people.

There is so much need in Ukraine it is difficult to know where to start.
But you have to start somewhere.

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This is where we are starting

Kherson Orphans
There are 88 orphans in Kherson trapped behind enemy lines.
Adopt a Village
To the east of Kharkiv there are five villages that were devastated by the invasion.
Children’s Mental Health
Many refugees from Bakhmut and the war zone fled to Cherkasy.

Getting to know each other by name.

Would you like to:

Now you can

We have an online app that lets you, the Ukrainian teams and the people we are helping communicate directly, without the hassle of time zones and language.

You type your question in your native language and they see it in theirs. They type their answer in Ukrainian and you instantly see it in English.

Pictures, short video clips, songs and conversations; its all there

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