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What does the program include?

Program Objectives

There are three objectives:

  • To tell Rotary stories about Ukraine and its people. Your stories.
  • To help us understand the people and their needs so we can make the best use of our donations.
  • To provide sustainable income for the families of the podcasting and production team.

With subscriptions of only $9,500/month we can support twelve families, the office, studio, utilities and expenses; every month. Stability and a sustainable career.

We will also expand the program to other areas and countries with advertising, and selling episodes to public radio stations through PRX (This American Life, The Moth, Ted Talks, etc.)

You are the Orchestra Leader

Other Podcast Programs

Most programs just take your donations and give you the stories they “think” you want to hear. We want you to be as involved as you want to be. To tell us what you want to hear.

As a Voices & Stories Ukraine Subscriber

  • You give us your story ideas anytime using the online form.
  • Once a month we take your story ideas and the story ideas from the podcasting team and you vote.
  • The team takes the stories you select and produce the podcasts.
  • Two weeks before they go public you have a private screening.
  • You ask questions, the podcaster will find the answers.
  • Your questions become part of the final production.

Comprehensive training

It starts with a self-directed training program AcademusX created by Dan Smith, Dr. Siobhan McHugh and Matt Livadary.

Next is a five day live intensive training for beginning producers. Everything is covered; food, lodging, and a travel allowance to cover their come to the training site.

The students will learn how to conduct an interview, ask the right questions to get to the real story, edit the tape, add the sounds and music and create a finished podcast.

As part of their training they will go out into the community and create their first podcast and publish it for you, the subscriber, to listen to. This is their “buy in”.

Equipment & Support

Your direct donations buys the equipment they need including the recording kit, tablet computer, back-up power supply, and Hindenburg Pro editing software.

The podcaster is paid for each show they produce that meets the production requirements. With ten Field Podcasters we should be able to produce at least one show every day.

Your monthly subscription allows us to pay the Field Podcaster, production team, rent the office, and pay for supplies and utilities.

All positions are paid market level compensation. In addition they have a say in the direction of the Ukranian company and the opportunity to share in the profits.

Program Eligibility

We will select the most promising candidates from Ukraine and the surrounding countries, most affected by the war.

To be eligible your candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be nominated by a Rotarian, Rotary club, or District.
  2. Live in Ukraine or one of the adjacent countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova).
  3. Possess strong command (advanced) of English language and good speaking skills.
  4. Possess moderate to advanced competencies of computer and mobile phone skills.
  5. Ability to work independently, be organized, demonstrate good time management, and meet deadlines.