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These are the candidates that have been nominated. They would like your support. Click on their image and read their biography. We still have openings so please go to Nominate and submit your candidate.

Lviv Ukraine

Yuri lives in Lviv and has three sons ... Learn more about Yuri and support him.

Your Candidate
Field Podcaster

This is the one person you trust to tell your stories

Your Candidate
Field Podcaster

This is the one person you trust to tell your stories

Your Candidate
Field Podcaster

This is the one person you trust to tell your stories

Your Candidate
Field Podcaster

This is the one person you trust to tell your stories

How you make a difference

The equipment and editing software

Your donations will buy the equipment they need including the recording kit, tablet computer, back-up power supply, and Hindenburg Pro editing software.

This includes a Zoom H6 portable recorder and stereo shotgun microphone. It also includes a Samson Q2U microphone that connects to their mobile phone, turning it into a portable recording studio.

Bags, headphones, stands, everything they need to record and edit high quality programs.

Computer and live training

It all starts with a self directed computer training program from AcademusX.

Then a live five day intensive training. Everything is paid for; food, lodging, and a travel allowance to cover their costs to travel to the training site.

As part of their training they will go out into the community, create their first podcast and publish it for you, the subscriber, to listen to.

Building the Audience

There are over 740 million podcast listeners around the world.

There are dozens of distribution channels for podcasts; including Google, Apple, Amazon, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and many more.

We do not stop with just audio, we will convert the audio files to a video format for YouTube and other video platforms.

The podcasts are also distributed to Public Radio through the Public Radio Exchange (PRX). The home of some of the most famous podcasts, This American Life, and The Moth, etc.

Supporting a dozen families

The podcasters are paid for each show they produce that meets the production requirements. With ten Field Podcasters we will be able to produce at least one show every day.

Different podcasts from different areas for you to choose from. These are narrative programs. Capturing the heart and sounds of the people you have helped.

Your support for the team includes a set-aside to buy the first ten shows from each podcaster, two and a half months of full time employment. It gives then the incentive to product high quality programs.

All positions are paid market level compensation.


Helping build the Ukrainian economy

Your donations will allow us to set up an office in Ukraine and rent a small recording studio for the first six months to establish this program. After that ongoing expenses will be covered by the subscriptions.

Ukraine is famous for its arts and music. We will capture the true spirit of the Ukrainian people and incorporate that into the podcasts.

Over the next six months the team will have a chance to prove to you they can produce a quality program.

If you decide to also subscribe to the podcast, your monthly subscription will keep this program alive.


Everyone can see where the money comes from and where it goes.

First, your donations are tax deductible*.

Second, you have clarity and accountability. All our budgets, donations and expenses are transparent (private information is hidden). Everything is automatically reported. You can go online anytime and see where the money comes from and what it's spent on.

Basic data for all expenses, like the amount and description, are public. But attachments, payment details, addresses, and comments are private, as they may contain personal information.

Third, saving on international currency exchange. Through the system we can pay our podcasters in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, and 50 other countries, automatically and in their own currency.


[*Dewaga Cooperative Ltd, the parent company has applied for U.S. 501(c)3 status, approval is retroactive to January 1, 2023.]

The funding platform

There are a lot of different online platforms that help nonprofits. Here is a comparison of two one you are familiar with GoFundMe and another not so well known Open Collective. Please choose the one you like the best, both will be tax deductible.

All donations will be visible on the Open Collective so you can track every transaction. Our commitment to you for full transparency.

Open Collective (2015), is newer, eight years old, and has raised $35 million for 15,000 groups.

GoFundMe (2010) is a little older and has raised $17 billion.

GoFundMe just raises money then goes on to the next funding campaign. Open Collective has the tools we need to be open and transparent and to run an internationally focused nonprofit. Both do not charge a fee for donations but accept money from the donor as a tip or added donation.

  • Not as well known
  • Accepts donations
  • Accept payments by credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal
  • Does not charge a fee (donor “tip”)
  • Good campaign tools, best for more private fundraising
  • Transparent by design
  • Ongoing community support
  • Community discussion forum
  • Submit and pay invoices online
  • Pay vendors in 50 countries in their own currency
  • Get monthly reports
  • Easily add new groups to support podcasting in more countries
  • Very well known
  • Accepts donations
  • Accept payments by credit card, PayPal and digital payments
  • Does not charge a fee (donor “tip”)
  • Excellent campaign tools, best for open campaigns
  • Donor protection guarantee
  • They can send funds to 19 countries (Ukraine is not one of them). All funds are in our USD bank account which is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and State banking regulators.