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Powering up your Field Podcasters

The goal of this program

  • To set-up a podcast media company in Ukraine.
  • To train ten displaced journalists and students throughout the region to create audio programs.
  • To give them the tools and software to record stories and create narrative audio programs, radio shows.
  • To provide marketing, podcast channels, public radio, affiliate and advertising programs.
  • To support the Field Podcaster and their families with income from listeners, subscribers and other income opportunities.
  • To identify ongoing needs so future fundraising is targeted to the specific communities and people.
  • To tell our stories.

The Elements

We provide on going individual coaching to help the podcasters through every aspect of their new career. To help them set and achieve goals and to overcome the difficulties of living and working under these unique circumstances.
This is a robust learning experience both online and in live groups. The training is focused on building real world skills so the podcasters can succeed and grow in their profession. We draw on a community of world-class experts who deliver learning modules that range from interviewing, editing, publishing and marketing.
We invest $2,000 in each podcaster by setting aside the reserves to buy their first ten podcasts. This is an incentive for them to create high quality podcasts and help build the subscriber base for their shows.
Marketing Services
We market these program throughout the global podcasting channels and the public radio network. Our team is not only responsible for the tell stories and helping support a dozen families, but to generate the income to expand the programs to other areas and even continents. We have stories that need to be told.
Future Grants
The main focus of this program is to the tell our stories and create sustainable income for Ukrainian families. This is also an ongoing Community Assessment. We will be able to identify real needs in real time. We will know how we can make our donations do the most good and personally know the people we are helping.
You are the team
As a subscriber your input is critical. We need your help to tell you the stories you want to hear. Every month we will present you with a slate of stories. Some of these will be what you suggested and some will be what the podcasters and production team feel are important and inspiring. You choose what stories we tell.